Building Services

Passenger Elevators

Passenger elevator service at 1100 Louisiana and the 1100 Smith Garage is provided by 34 high-speed ThyssenKrupp elevators. Building elevator banks are as follows:

Elevator Bank Floors Serviced
Garage Tunnel-12
Low Rise Tunnel-10
Mid Low Rise 11-25
Mid High Rise 25-37
High Rise 38-51
Shuttle 51-55

Passenger and shuttle elevators are intended for the use of tenants, their employees, and guests. These elevators are not to be used for deliveries, mail carts, two-wheel dollies, etc., which must be taken in a freight car.

Freight Elevators

1100 Louisiana is also equipped with two service elevators which serve Levels Tunnel-54. The service elevator is available on a first come, first serve basis during regular building hours.

After hours reservations can be made through the Property Management Office at 713-759-9923.

Freight Elevator #28   Freight Elevator #29
Length: 7’ 2.5”   Length: 6’ 10”
Width: 6’ 0”   Width: 6’ 0”
Height: 9’ 0”   Height: 9’ 0”
Capacity 4,000 lbs.   Capacity 4,000 lbs.
Cab Door Opening 4’ x 9’   Cab Door Opening 4’ x 9’
Height Extension 32” x 6’ 12’      


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